At a loss as to why my server will not work......

Discussion in 'Hosting Help' started by Rich Goodwin, Nov 19, 2014.

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    Currently to get the new timing working, I have had to install four different servers. Which is no real issue and only really adds a moment or two to the administration of the servers.

    • So first thing I did - stop the timing listener - No difference
    • Check ports were open - They are, confirmed with three 3rd party websites
    • Change the port ranges - no difference
    • Rebuild the mod - no difference
    • restart the dedi client - no difference
    • restart the entire dedi server - no difference
    • rebuild the mod with the old version of Thruxton - no difference
    • change the ports again - no difference
    • Change the ports to match one of the other, confirmed working servers - no difference
    • move the player profile to another install, install the mods, rebuild the vmod, use confirmed working ports from another server - no difference
    • Check ports - confirmed open
    • Allowed the sim to create a "fresh" player file - No difference
    • Tried fresh player file with 4 different, confirmed open, sets of ports - no difference
    • revert back to single install solution using settings which have worked for months - no difference.

    Does ANYONE have ANY idea what else I can try?????

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