AMS2 and Reiza: A serious contender to RF2/S397

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Nieubermesch, Jan 4, 2022.

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    i don't think ams2 is a rival because it's an arcade sim and rf2 is a simulation, but it's going to disperse the gaming community a little more and therefore hurt rf2 .... it must be said that since the start of 2023 i've been surprised and disappointed, i've had the impression that we don't know where we're going with rf2! poor communication, very little new ....ams which is also moving a lot iracing

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    My dear Lads!
    If I didn't have the connection between the tyre and the tarmac, if I didn't have the weight transfer in the FFB, which definitely has the DNA of rF2, would I be able to do this?
    Respectively, do you think I would be up for it?
    I've been riding rF2 and RRRE for years now.
    And believe me, Reiza hit the nail on the head with AMS" V1.5.4!
    It's awesome!
    It's fun!
    It is comprehensible!
    Ok, a bit too much grip, a bit very oversteering and slippery, but Reiza will get that right!
    You know what? I even bought the Nürburgring DLC!
    For the beautiful Südschleife!
    I have taken AMS2 to my heart!
    Reiza, keep up the good work! Just keep it up!


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