AI Spazzing in Close Racing

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Empty Box, May 17, 2016.

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    This has been around since rF1, so I guess it's probably an issue that won't be fixed any time soon...

    AI opponents spazzing out when you get right up on them - goodness is it annoying. Surely I'm not the only one who has noticed that the AI preforms great at a decent distance, but if you get within a foot or two of them they decide to basically call it a day and drive far slower than they otherwise would.

    It's especially noticeable when you are tucked up right under their rear wing in a medium / high speed corner - rather than accelerate like normal often in that situation they will just dab the brakes resulting in you ramming them for no reason at all.

    And no, it's not because of car contact causing the initial slow up.

    Anyone know of any files we can tweak to get the AI to stop being so intimidated by my presence? I mean, it's great if you only drive stock cars and only with a GM Goodwrench paint scheme, but.....

    I'd easily say this is the worst part of the AI at this point, especially given they tend to stick to you as well given they stay on the brakes once you hit them.
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    Just did a offline race with the BTTC at Donnington and was frustrated at exactly the same issue. Did notice it wasn't every car though which was strange, the Hondas where worse than the Mitsu or Fords. for instance. ??
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    The slowing down thing, in the middle of corners is an issue but can at least it can be driven around - e.g.come up with some narrative in your head for why they're going to do it and drive around them each time.

    What frustrates me more is the changing lanes in the braking zone. When you're threshold braking and an AI car outside you suddenly darts sideways with some silly looking rF1 physics (pro teams actually used that??) and appears right in front of you. Nowhere to go, tyre budget all used, nothing you can do,. That and the dive-bombing.
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    It's probably not this but are the AI slowing down for your ghost car? I've turned mine off because the AI react to it.
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    I´m not sure, but this entry in .AIW-file could be responsible for that:

    When I tweak AIW´s I set this to 0.2 normally - someone here wrote that this seem to be the best value....
    However, I had many very close AI-races and can´t complain really (with this setting).

    That AI reacts to ghost car is an old hat, - and propably will not change anytime soon (seems like not many use this feature).

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