AI pumping gas pedal in corners

Discussion in 'Technical & Support' started by Francis Maheu, Apr 12, 2019.

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    There you go, not alone after all. There are plenty of offline racers and not everyone in the world has the time or timezone to want to play online, some of us can only sneak a race in here and there between life's responsibilities.
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    The developers are well aware of the issues, but they're simply ignoring them.The last response I got regarding any alterations to the AI was that the 'AI Developer' was working on the Grand Tour game. That has since passed and so far we have had no acknowledgement or confirmation to advise that such issues will be fixed in the future. We still have a fundamental issue regarding AI slip streaming and the overtake bug for example... or weather... or any form of logic.. huge problems with have been left for many, many years.

    Quite simply, I would never expect any form of Ai adjustment in the foreseeable future which is a real shame as the AI awareness is the best within the business.
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    I run exclusively offline and I think it would be a mistake to neglect the single-player mode. I do not know what the percentage of players on line and off line is, but I am sure SP are a considerable number and it does not seem logical that the developers decide to simply abandon us. With that strategy they would lose sales for their future DLC. It would be as if on any given day McDonalds decided to sell only salads "because that is the future of fast foods". Or maybe it is better to sell salads and, at the same time, hamburgers? My point is that S397 can not afford to lose a large percentage of its current and future clients. Consequently, it is better to work for the improvement of both modes, online and off line.
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    One of the reasons besides the excellent physics and the FFB is clearly the AI. And I am exclusively a single player. It is already hard enough against the AI with a well-created talent file ..
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    I'd love to see some sort of adjustment to AI in wet weather. The player struggles on the track with ice rink levels of grip even on wet tyres, while the AI sail on past with superhuman levels of grip and control. For offline players wet weather racing isn't really much of an option, unless you enjoy rage quitting...

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