AI not being taken off server when no human drivers

Discussion in 'Hosting Help' started by Depco, Jan 25, 2017.

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    I have been having my server go into a paused state when no human drivers are present on the server. In the past this would typically boot all the AI drivers and stop the server. However, recently I have noticed that if a person comes on the server and adds AI drivers they don't get booted when the Driver leaves the server during the practice session. The server goes into a continual countdown to a new weekend with the AI still present. Once the countdown gets to a about 10 seconds into the race weekend it resets again and re-starts the countdown with the AI being present.

    I would like the server to be paused with AI drivers having been auto kicked. I don't like our server running with 5 or 10 AI on it and no one actually available to greet new drivers. I dotn want our server to show drivers on it when they are only AI. (It is a big complaint in the community right now)

    Is there a setting I am missing? Was there some change that effects this? Help....

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