AI drivers dont left the the box after pitting

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    yesterday I did a practice session with the formula isi and 10 AI drivers at Silverstone GT v1.14 track.
    After several laps (about 6-9) the AI divers started to pit. So far so good.
    The problem was that no driver left the pit after this stop. All drivers stood on their pitting place and didnt move anymore. The maximum laps wasnt reached for them and there was also enough time to drive.
    If its important, it rained heavily on track while testing.
    I dont know whether this issue was already reported. I saw it the first time.

    Did some more testing:
    The problem was also present in v590 and it only happens on Silverstone GT v1.14 no matter which car, condition or session is selected.
    So i guess its just a track related problem. Sorry.
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    Dont be sorry. That is in ISI track so good catch. I will forward this on.

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