Ah the good ol days.

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    I found the old racing league I participated in that was based on Nascar2,3,4 mods and rf1. The USPits. I even won the B class championship one year, even though I was clearly not the fastest. almost 10 years of offline/online league racing. Here's my Championship Viper. rough image but the Owl from Rush's Fly By Night album is featured on the bonnet/hood.

    Not my paintjob. NEVER have been able to do that. I relied on the kindness of several people over the years to paint the cars. i.e. a Ford Mustang that was skinned like the Tuskeege Airmen's P51d Mustang from WWII. Memories. Thanks to all the guys that helped with the mods and painted for me. (Weepy musick should be playing in the background...)
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    Oh dont get me down memory lane.
    This was my "Porsche" Hippie Car when I was driving in the US based FSB League using the NR2003 GTP mod:p
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