Advantage of getting the Steam version as well?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jeffro503, Nov 18, 2015.

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    Hey guys , I've only had RF2 for a little over a month. Been playing GSCE for the past 3yrs and finally decided to try this sim , and I love it! Love em' both actually!

    The thing is , since I just bought this and am happy with how everything is working just the way it is , why do I need a Steam version? I would like to have both ( 2 installs ) so I could try different mods and so forth without packing one install to the gills. But I don't really see a reason for it , unless I'm missing something? I actually have 3 separate installs of GSCE AND the Steam version. All 4 are different versions and so forth because there are so many mods out there , that one install can completely get cluttered. With RF2 , I don't have hardly any mods , but quite a few tracks and some extra cars and so forth , but other than that , it's still pretty minimal.

    I think RF2 has a great program here with the way you can open it up and install or uninstall certain tracks , mods ect on the fly before you actually launch the game. I'd like to support RF2 as much as I can , but I'm finding it to be hard to justify getting the steam version. Even though " Right now! " there is a deal going on at Steam for this sim for 40% off! My finger is twitching! Just don't know if I need it?
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    Since I've been running FSX, pCars & Asseto on Steam I've noticed offers popping up for most of their hosted games/sims at irregular intervals, & 40% is attractive, but there'll probably be others in the future

    You talk about the first install being up to the gills, & I agree - this is a bore & something common to all games on Steam.

    After the BIG install I gather you can go to the Steam Workshop & unsubscribe from all the content you didn't want downloaded in the first place.

    Then when you start up rF2 from the launcher it will uninstall those selected tracks/cars (this doesn't work if the launcher is already open)

    Multiplayer is compatable to Steam/non-Steam also I think

    nb. I haven't done any of this yet - just what I've learned from trawling through one or two threads
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    The non-steam one allows one to create multiple installations on the same box, meaning you can have a bit of flexibility, perhaps one oval install, one open-wheel install, one GT install, and installs of different versions (you might race in 2 leagues which require different versions) etc. Right now, there's not much to recommend the steam version given the lack of control over versions etc.
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    If you had 2 PC
    If you modded could be handy.
    Running Old builds and packages
    Testing long sessions , running ai learning
    Steam for online, the other one for offline
    Doing video on one or using as a 2nd camera ie : offline set up a closed server add ai and a spectator
    Test driver swaps by yourself lol
    2 separate drivers , careers and rF2Ranks , League

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