Ability to tweak, save and share race weekends

Discussion in 'Wish Lists' started by Comante, May 17, 2020.

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    As the title say ...
    Planning an enjoyable race weekend is no cake walk, we all know.
    AI, AI setups, AI cars setups, track condition, bla bla bla, a lot of parameters that need to be just right to make the experience a joy that one would like to live again someday in the future or who knows maybe share with others.
    If we would have the chance to save all the parameters of a weekend, we could use it at a later time without the need to write down manually the parameters or to try to remember what we have done.
    Once we are able to create a file, why not be able to share it? This could open a whole new level of "narrative" to RF2. There are people that make tracks, people make cars, I guess there would be people who would like to make events, or who knows, maybe even whole championships.
    I hope the new interface once done will make simpler to tweak individual AI cars, and a much talk was made with offline championships, I think this feature could allow people to recreate historical seasons in greater detail: tuning AI for different tracks, making their setup adjustments, controlling the meteo of events. And the most interesting part of it, is that it will be everytime a new experience as no two races will be the same even give the same starting conditions.
    I would love to fire up RF2 and enjoy a reliable experience I know from the start it simply work because a human being has devoted his time to create, test and share it,this could give even "offliner" some field over which measure with other human beings, all it takes is a table with the performances of other players over the same event.
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    That would be great. I donĀ“t know if the log analyzer and championship manager is able to do that, but being able to download already organized championships would be amazing.
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    These kinds of things should be INCLUDED in the game, it's tiring to use third party software.

    rF2 is great we all agree, but it's a real "gas plant".
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    That's the point. It's a wishlist item, for the game to be able to do.

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