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    I'm new to R Factor 2 and very much enjoying most of it.
    I have bought the Le Mans track and GTE & LMP2 cars, I can happily drive single player and some multiplayer but when I try to join some public multiplayer I get the really annoying unknown base mod required errors
    It seems to be the both track & the tracks that I can use elsewhere, I've tried all the suggestions I found about un-subscribing and re-subscribing in Steam Workshop (incl. a pc restart in between) I also deleted them in the R Factor interface but the error is still showing.
    I would appreciate any help what I might need to download etc.?

    My second question is about resolution using a Rift S, is there any way to bypass the monitor resolution and use the RIFT S default or higher?
    A bit of background i'm using an old (but still ok) 1280x1024 monitor, but as I only use the pc for VR it doesn't need a fancy monitor(well it doesn't seem to with other racing and flight sims) but R Factor 2 is limiting me to 1280x1024. I tried a 1920x1080 monitor and that has many more options in the R Factor 2 menu (even though I have chosen HMD only) it does perform better when I set it to a higher resolution than 1280
    Thanks for any help!
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