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    1. radome
      Hi Gonzo. I'm writing because I saw your post in the ProtonDB indicating you may lend an ear. I purchased RF2 and I think its great, but when I go to the multiplayer option my car / driving is not competitive. With the Lotus Cortina at Prenois the very best I can do is a ridiculous 2.28. ( normal for that is 1.4) my framerate is 156. Its like I'm in a different time dimension. Any ideas? Thank you
    2. brook
      Hello gonzo. I write as max angelo told me that you have three monitors with different resolution.
      the problem is:
      I have three monitors with resolutions of 1280x1024 - 1920x1080 - 1280x1024.
      when I select multiview option (in rfactor or rfactor2 is the same) the cuts of the angle of perspective are within the central monitor as these are calculated by dividing the total resolution for three. Is possible to change the default setting and make sure that these cuts occur at the edges?

      sorry for my english. I hope you can undestand my problem.

      thank you.
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