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    1. SmellySkidmark
      OK I have the HUD werking now, upgraded to winblows 8.1, finally

    2. SmellySkidmark
      G'day fazerbox, from down under,
      M8 I've just installed a new graffix card and since then
      rf2 crashes.
      It's a long story, so I'll just say I've done 2 reformat & reinstall, 2nd install had my old AMD7870 setup drivers & RF2 only played the game for almost 2 hours, no crash, swapped cards to the new GTX770 installed drivers, played for maybe 3 hours no crash. So I made a Restore Point on my Win7-64 pc installed the plugin no launch as no updated C++ and Directx SDK(?) installed &launched the game, went to drive, pressed ATL\Space was in the process of setting up the widgets the way I like them & the game crashed. Her's a copy of the log...
      Problem signature:
      Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
      Application Name: rFactor2.exe
      Application Version:
      Application Timestamp: 52b1c539
      Fault Module Name: DINPUT8.dll
      This has been a nightmare to trackdown but every crash has had the DINPUT8.dll as the problem. Is there a easy fix or can you address this in the next build
    3. fazerbox
      I remember that TrackMap Plugin may not work if software like AtiTray Tools, MSI afterburn or Program that hardly acts overclock on Display adapter.

      Please, if you have these types of SWs installed, please temporary disable them an try again.

    4. fazerbox

      Soon I will release a new version.
      I hope this new version will solve your problem.
      If not, we can try to discover where bug is located.

    5. uncels
      Hello Frazerbox, i mailed you a year or 2 ago for rf1 Great plugin, i mainly use the mapplugin part which is great.

      Now i have a question for rf2, when i install the plugin (v0.91) rf2 hangs after loading. when i unstall it, it works oke.
      I extracted the AIW & GDB files to map Tracks

      Could there be a fault on my side, or maybe my pc ain't fast enough (Duocore E8500, Win XP) 8GB mem Video GTX275
      Hope you know a solution.

      Greetz from Netherlands John Uncels. (Varjanta simracing)
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