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    1. Angus94

      Great...if I can get this working...when we start our Bracket season on April 4th (I think) I'll give you lots of on the PA System promotion. EV is popular because we can race each other in real time individually and in team races...but your game has all the potential to over run the online drag racing market here in the states.

      food for thought i would reckon.

      cheers Tim

      Angus94 (Anthony Birch)
    2. Angus94
      No worries, thanks for showing some interest, here is a message i received on our facebook page. i thought you might be able to get an idea of the interest that drag racing has in rfactor.....

      Hello...My name is Michael Lester...I live in Virginia in the USA...we have been playing a game here in the states called ExtremeVelocity3d...and have a huge player base...after seeing your games...I am in awe! But I can't get it to work on my's very confusing...I've downloaded and deleted at least 3 different downloads....and still I can't try the trial my opinion..your game would be the best Drag Racing out there. Please send me a link to download the Drag Racing trial version...thanks.

      Also..I am an announcer for NHRA and Bristol Dragway in Tennessee...have been with either IHRA or NHRA since the 1970s

      Anthony Birch
      Gday mike, very glad to hear from you. Im at work right now so ill answer when i get a chance ok
    3. 88mphTim
      Got it. Thanks for taking the time to do that.
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