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  1. John L Hagerty
    John L Hagerty
    My R Factor will still not launch , I deleted it from Steam reinstalled it , .Can I get any help from studio 397
  2. Rui Santos
    Rui Santos MiguelVallejo
    Which mod is that in your screenshot? Thanks mate!
    1. MiguelVallejo
      Jul 19, 2019 at 10:18 PM
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  3. chisco85
    Galicia ⛽ Gas, kart, karting, kartodromo, the r factor the Best
  4. Rudi Rotmeijer
    Rudi Rotmeijer
    Ik Ben heelemaal nieuw in de simrace wereld will het graag leeren bedankt alvast voor de leuke tijd
  5. Sergio Loro
    Sergio Loro
    hockenheim!! new forest :)
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  6. traction
  7. John L Hagerty
    John L Hagerty
    R Factor Will Not Launch ?
  8. BrianBosch
    Also wear gloves while simracing :)
  9. chisco85
    Galicia, gas ⛽
  10. t0p5ecret
  11. t0p5ecret
    Formula E > Formula 1
  12. Brack Jabham
  13. dazzer
    green tea
  14. t0p5ecret
    Come on Le Mans!
  15. Alvaro Neves
  16. tswracer56
    tswracer56 Bernd
    Hi there if you can help with the six-wheeler - been praying for a fix for this car for ages. Even though Jody did not like the car he won a race with it and I have raced with his brother Ian in south africa in Formula atlantic would love to use this car in rf2
  17. t0p5ecret
    Double whammy rF2 Monaco E-Prix is brilliant and the real race was awesome too!
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  18. dragon
    Is it possible to change a car's setup through plugin?
    1. Lazza
      You should ask on the forum instead of putting a question in your status, but in brief terms the answer is no. It's not clear exactly what you're asking though - several scenarios could be covered by that question.
      May 18, 2019
  19. kontry
    kontry davidporeilly
    Hi David!

    I would like to know if your setup guide is still available to buy in it's last version and how much does it cost.
    Thank you very much in advance!
    1. davidporeilly
      The original RF2 guide is €5.

      The expanded later version "Sim Racers Performance Guide" is €10.

      I contains all the earlier one but adds more info on strategy, tactics, driver development and quite a bit of video assets.

      To purchase either you send the payment to my PayPal Accnt which is

      Ensure you note your email address and I will send it by return email.


      May 11, 2019
  20. t0p5ecret