Workshop installation changes at some point?

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    Simply removing the workshop files shouldn't cause an auto download, but obviously if you verify file integrity when troubleshooting you'll get them all redownloaded then. I would use symbolic links before deleting (if drive space were a big issue), and if a windows or game or steam update for some reason breaks the link occasionally then just deal with it.

    The doubling up of data is unfortunate though, but there's no super neat way out of it.

    Hopefully something will happen, but also hopefully that something will be the best compromise and will only need to happen once.

    There is something to be said for the majority of the (free) content being part of the game so new players don't need to go subscribing to things in order to play the game at all (or join servers with that content) but the new UI may allow better feedback regarding missing content and allow some first-start-up options for new players so they can actually choose what to start with (some basic/minimal set of content, specific types, or the whole works). If you can do that neatly, no content needs to be 'part of the game', and potentially can be used from the workshop folder. Right now the Installed folder ends up with all the same content sitting in the .rfcmp files, extracted into individual MAS files under the relevant folder (Locations, Vehicles, etc) and with a manifest (.mft) 'describing' what is in the package. It actually doesn't seem a huge leap to just pull out the .mft file for keeping track of what's in the game, but reading the data direct from the .rfcmp in the workshop folder - as long as for the user it's a neat process.

    It's still not perfect, as it means if you unsubscribe from any content you delete the file - which is good for your SSD as it saves space, but obviously it means a download if you want to subscribe to it again later - even if it's 'standard content'. On the upside the initial game install can be a smaller and faster download, and if the UI can support automatic subscription of various items via groups/categories then it might actually make that whole side of things easier too.

    Anyway, digressing a bit, but I think there are options to improve things.
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