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    - Beta multiplayer
    - Official Indycar livery 2023
    - Official Porsche Super Cup 2023 livery
    - Fix unplayable AI, especially in Indycar
    - New Cars GT3 : GT3 is IMSA, WEC 2024, GT WORLD by SRO, DTM, World Cup FIA GT, 24H SERIES
    upload_2023-6-4_19-54-14.png upload_2023-6-4_19-54-26.png upload_2023-6-4_19-54-36.png upload_2023-6-4_19-54-51.png
    Hypercar 2021-2025 (Alpine, Lamborghini, Bmw, Acura .... ...)
    New tracks: WEC Portimao, Fuji, BTCC Oulton Park, Snetterton, INDYCAR Texas motor speedway, St Petersburg, Road America and the indispensable Watkins Glen, Road Atlanta, Bathurst, Suzuka, Guia Macao, Hockenheim, Barcelona, Paul Ricard, Magny Cours, "new Interlagos".
    Only official liveries in large numbers to enhance immersion, fed up with downloading things that crash the game or crappy skins.
    For the past 6 months, studio 397's communication hasn't been great! We've got a lot of new stuff coming out, but we can't reveal any of it !!!!

    When I see the releases... and forthcoming release announcements from iracing since the beginning of the year, fia partnership for f4 .... the arrival of assetto corsa 2 (2024) and moderately rennsport, the popularity of acc with events on the official races this weekend at the paul ricard ... we're going to have to come up with some really heavy stuff. Development time is far too long - the game is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year! You're a small studio with a small development team! ok ok ok you have to subcontract with external teams with final quality control from studio 397. If not at the level or better of the latest studio 397 standarts, no sale. (example kartsim)
    We need a competition-only rfactor with 397 content and official licenses btcc indycar wec-imsa porsche cup and nascar with quality multiplayer and an offline championship mode for those who don't want multiplayer. in short, a simulation that makes everyone agree! take the best from others and make it better!

    i say this because for me, rfactor2 is the best simulation to date in terms of feel and pleasure! even if it's hard to be as good as in real life! driver quality and without setup unplayable for some cars or 10 seconds off the best lap times on some nordschleife circuits le mans

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