Wish List for the BMW M6 GT3

Discussion in 'Wish Lists' started by Sanchit Rathi, Mar 18, 2020.

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    Hey Everyone im making a wish list for some cars already in RF2. These wishes are for more realism within the game. The first is the BMW M6. The list of wishes follows:

    1. Headlight: The headlight can have daytime running lights, like the R8 GT3 in the game, the M6 also has DRLs. Image for example 22037667-10.jpg
    Whereas the one in the game at the moment is as follows:
    BMW M6 GT3 3.jpg

    2. Endurance light control: The BMW in game comes with the endurance lights as standard, that is great, however it turns on as soon as the headlight comes on, it would be great if in RF2 there is a control to turn on auxiliary lights separately like in ACC. So it would be nice to assign a button to the enduro lights.

    3. Interior Lights: A lot of the wishes seem to be about lights but this is another good idea i believe, when the user turns on the headlight the interior light turns on. modern GT3 cars have interior lights inside the cars and it would be nice for this car to have it as well. Example of the real world car below: (p.s example image is from a Porsche Gt3 race car, but it gives you the idea.) 2020-03-18 (2).png

    4. Dashboard Display: I think of all the things in the wishlist this is one of the things that is most lacking I believe when i compare from real life. The display is not the same as the one on the car. Pictures below for comparison-
    The real Display:
    maxresdefault (3).jpg
    the one in game below

    Along with the a more accurate display, another good thing to see would be a button to cycle through the display itself. e.g cycle through screens of the dashboard (you can check this on youtube by yourself if you dont know what I mean :) )

    Another good thing would be to see the change in the TC and ABS settings on the dashboard display rather than just on the rF2 HUD. Currently if you change the ABS or TC, the fact that you have changed it shows up on the HUD of the game but not on the dashboard or steering wheel. In iracing when you change TC on a GT3 vehicle the knob on the steerign wheel moves and the change is reflected within the dashboard display of the vehicle. it would be nice to see that in rFactor 2 as well.

    Well guys for now this is what I have in mind for the BMW. What do you think about this? I would like to hear from you guys too! However lets not make this a thread about the vehicle physics or BOP simply the immersion and driver use.

    Let me know what you guys think of my wishes/ suggestions and please feel free to add your own

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    I hope that the mirrors will be updated ( View from outside of the cars) the second wish would be an updated for the driver model with animations

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