Where does the HUD look at for max rpm?

Discussion in 'User Interface and HUD Modding' started by Navigator, May 21, 2014.

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    Hi guys,

    I'm having trouble with a (self made) mod; the HUD doesn't show max rpm.
    This is with all the hud's I use.

    Now in my mind, there must be a line somewhere that tells the hud what the maximum rpm shall be because there are cars running 8.000 rpm and there are cars running 18.000 rpm and they work fine.

    I can't alter the engine file towards it, I tried but it's a "special one" and doesn't like to be fiddled with ;)
    So, I wanted to change my most used hud (F1 style) for just this mod, making it another hud in name and use it with this car.

    So......what do I change, what do I look for? I looked around for a few days now, tried everything, but it doesn't work the way I want it to.
    Maybe good to mention; on the steering wheel in the car itself, it's okay........
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    When I was working on my HUD I asked the same, the reply I got back from MikeZ was:
    It was about a year ago, and I thought the bug was fixed shortly thereafter.

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