Wednesday Night Clios

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    FKR is hosting the 2015 Fall Clio Championship !
    Sep 23 through Dec 9th !


    Open to all drivers !

    12 events coming to you every Wednesday !

    Points for Q and final Position!

    This event is in the U.S. time slot to allow some of us in the U.S. to have some evening racing ..its a tuff slot to fill but if your up for some week day evening racing remember every Wednesday we will have the clios !

    That said Im hoping some of our Brazilian and Peruvian friends can find the time to race ! hell ANYONE who can join us please help to get this time slot going !

    The new Clios are a blast to race and provide some intense door to door action !
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    Thank you for making an open event. I can't stand having to register to multiple leagues, events, etc. I gets annoying. I don't bother anymore unless it's an open server. Online racing shouldn't be this cumbersome.

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