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    Hi all

    I'm looking for a tool or information on the specifics of the weather script files.

    basically when setting up a long endurance race with only the four sections in the UI weather settings either in client or the Dedi UI, we don't want rain to last a full quarter of the race, so if we set rain @ the 25% interval we don't want rain for a solid 6 hours. What we do want is something like a short shower followed by a dry spell then maybe a complete downpour that eases of to light rain and then clears up maybe thirty to forty minutes later with the remainder of that interval being dry.

    Can we just manually edit the weather script file and add more StartTime sections with the weather settings we want in the section, or will that just break the weather completely?

    Also is there any tool out there for creating more in-depth weather scripts than is available in the UI, so we can create and edit more complex scripts like mentioned above?
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    You can add as many intervals as you want, I think. I did this years ago but it wasn't a standalone tool so can't help there.

    Be aware that you can't define weather for the warm-up session, and it mimics - exactly - the race weather. So consider a very long warmup and advance manually, if you want the weather to be a surprise.

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