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    Hello my dear SimRacing friends!

    I bought a few months ago the VRS DriveForce Pro Wheel Base with strong 20NM.

    But I have never used more than 12 NM, because I am not Hercules!
    Thus, you still have enough reserve in the base for the important details over!

    As a newbie I asked in the official VRS "Discord" channel for a guide for the base.


    The developers told me that users who buy this base know what they are talking about, so there is no such guide.
    Ok, I accepted the challenge, built the base and then did nothing else for 3 days but search the Discord channel of VRS, with the topic "Wheel Base" with all the keywords.
    After 3 days I felt informed enough to switch on the base for the first time and set it up (I just don't like half measures..).
    After 15 minutes I found my settings for rFactor2 and what can I say?
    I am absolutely thrilled with this baby!
    A good friend and colleague of mine, has grown up on the kart track, and often sat in a GT3 at amateur races.
    He has the SimuCube Pro2, so I have the pleasure of comparing the two.
    And from the price-performance ratio, the VRS is in terms of feedback and quality the top brand in this sector!
    Ok, the Simucube has a few more parameters in the FFB setting, but these are in my opinion very subtly held in the FFB.

    Also check out the video from this colleague. A seasoned YT colleague who knows what he is talking about with his expertise.
    And if you read between the lines, you will hear that there is almost no argument against this VRS base.
    Well, at that time the "Static Force reduction" setting was not yet available for this video.
    But this is now there, since the last FW update!
    My personal opinion of this base, simple, intuitive, clear and needs to hide behind no Wheelbase.
    In contrast, the other brands should rather pay attention to this base, because it does everything right.
    Another big plus is the following, the flexibility this base offers is phenomenal, because with the right QR, almost any steering wheel fits on this base.
    The only thing it doesn't currently offer is Bluetooth, but that will probably be upgraded soon with a follow up model.

    So from my side, if you want to get a new WheelBase, on a professional level, you should not disregard this insider tip!

    By the way, the guide is downloadable as a PDF on my googledrive.

    Have fun with it!

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