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    Regarding to the new UI. It looks absolutely fantastic, but we need more fixes, specially for VR, like...

    1. I'm just hoping that the devs will finally come out with a good solution for VR headset usage as well.
    - Just check Project Cars 2, it handles the VR the best way. It's like the theater mode when you can see movie canvas in VR, but you are not forced to use your VR headset while messing with the car setup, etc. because on the monitor screen you can see only the "canvas" which is not moving with the headset movement.
    - And with the current beta version it's true that loading times are way faster, but during loading you can only see the last frozen frame in the headset. It simply drives my eyes crazy.

    2. Mirror and seat adjustment
    - Why do we have to set the mirrors and the seat for the same car but with different vinyls???
    - It's not priority, but would be so good to have the option in VR that the mirrors would follow the head movement as well.

    Devs, if you read this, please consider the above ideas to implement as soon as possible, I think I'm not the only one who would like to see these functions in the game.

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