VR black-screen HMD after latest Oculus 1.31 update

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by MileSeven, Oct 12, 2018.

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    This isn’t an rf2 issue as such - but it might be helpful to track the problem here for a while...

    I run a Rift and was happily running rf2 under SteamVR (or the Oculus Tray Tool - OTT) until Wednesday afternoon (10th October 2018). At some point on that day, Oculus auto updated from v1.30 to v1.31 (for me) and the HMD stopped displaying visuals (I.e. just gives black screen) under SteamVR or OTT.

    I *can* run rf2 if (and only if) Oculus Home is active before SteamVR is launched - but there’s the usual performance hit associated with this. Oculus Home works fine too - so it’s not a graphics driver issue and if you enable screen mirroring, you can see the content running on the main pc displays at the same time that the HMD remains black.

    I have tried all of the obvious things - opting in/out of betas, restarting, verifying SteamVR file integrity etc. etc.

    Evidence from the Oculus and SteamVR support forums suggest that this black-out of third-party content is not isolated. I would encourage anyone who has not yet updated to v1.31 to hold off - and anyone who has encountered this issue to raise a support ticket with Oculus/SteamVR rather than just moaning on the forums :)
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    I've now got 2 Tickets on the Go and also a few rants on the Oculus Forums :D This v1.31 update is a mess.
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    I'm not seeing the performance hit you describe. I know that this used to be an issue in previous Oculus Home versions.
    I'm on 1.33 and I've measured CPU usage and it's not using resources when a title is launched - the Oculus Home App pretty much goes to sleep and will only use resources when you exit your VR title and go back to Oculus Home.
    I have usually hated Oculus for forcing the Home/Dash but I actually like what they have done with this version as I can avoid having to keep removing my Oculus to strain my eyes to look at my monitor 5ft away to launch another title.

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