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Discussion in 'Modding' started by Courtg, Apr 7, 2018.

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    Hi guys,

    Not sure if this has been covered but I can't find anything specific on it. Can anyone tell me why under certain circumstances VRs won't show up at all? I've noticed this for a while now but I've had to do a reinstall and my backed up VRs, which were fine before, just don't show up now.

    Here's what I've found over the years:
    -Creating a VR with the same car and not exiting the game causes that driver not to show. If I create driver A with car A it works fine. If I don't exit and create driver B w/car A, Driver A details are still in the form, I change them but driver B won't show. The thing is driver B is in the user/settings folder as you would expect.
    -If I delete driver B files and recreate driver B "properly" with same name, still no show. Basically if I create a driver and it errors that name can never be used again. I can't figure that one out.
    -If I manually create a VR in windows it doesn't show.
    -As said above I backed up my VRs before the reinstall and now they don't work. Literally cut and paste job. I think this might relate to the last point.

    There are other things that seem to work/not work but it seems a bit random and I didn't note it all. Like I said this has happened for as long as I can remember doing VRs and sorry if it's common knowledge, but the last batch of VRs I made took a looong time and I 'd really like to not have to redo them.


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    Like you I've been doing liveries, New drivers, Teams for rF and rF2 now for years but unlike you I haven't had any of the same issues described above.
    I have done a re-install of rF2. In fact I've bought a new PC and installed rF2 and all my files from the packaging folder (Tracks, cars) and self built teams, liveries without issue.

    Recently I have been sharing my liveries with the public via RaceDepartment. I was packing rar, Zip as just the cars new files, Mas. that you manually install in your user/settings folder. The issue with this was the folder that is created when you first add a new driver or virtual ride wasn't in my package. The issue became apparent when a patron had this folder so his download (My new livery) was installed to. The car/s showed but where all black. It became apparent that the folder was named differently between my install to his older version. Once he renamed this folder to match the one that the cars where creating in they worked fine. I now pack the rar/Zip so you extract to rFactor2 folder and the extracted folders do the rest. Haven't had any issues reported sins I started doing this.

    But this was/is the only issue I've found with VR cars. On the odd times the authors change the mod or cars name (ISI cars) between updates. This will and dose cause issues when just copy and pasd or drag & drop old files into a new install. This being know to me is the first thing I check and rectify when cars don't work right away.

    Be sure to check the RCD ini are correct to the car entry. With a new install I've found it best to create a new VR driver folder that will create a new RCD ini then replicate that to add all other VR drivers for that mod, car.
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    I know this is an old thread, but I recently came back to rF2 after a long hiatus. Consequently, I pretty much forgot everything I ever learned about rF2. However, it didn't take long before I was reminded just how fiddly and finicky it can be.

    Essentially, I ran into the same exact problem that you had. I was creating two virtual drivers, using to separate corvettes from the Enduracers mod. The first was for Jan Magnussen and it worked perfectly, but when I created the second for Oliver Gavin, I accidentally created it with a duplicate description and number as the previous driver.

    Of course, it wouldn't show up. I quickly realized my mistake and went into the virtual driver folder and corrected the joy. Baffled, I simply deleted it and then re-created with the correct information...still no joy. No matter what I did, I could not create a virtual driver named Oliver Gavin.

    Stumped, I moved on to the BMW's and created two new virtual drivers with no problem. So, I reboot the game and tried to create a virtual driver for Oliver Gavin...again, nope. Like you said, it's like that driver can never be used again if you make a mistake. It's really weird and I started thinking that maybe it's being stored somewhere, but where? the registry? I don't know, it's a mystery wrapped in an enigma and I don't know if I'll ever discover why, but at least you can take solace in knowing that your not the only one.

    And before it is suggested, if the solution involves an uninstall/reinstall, never mind. I don't have the patience.
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    I haven't had any issues with Virtual Drivers for a while. Things to keep in mind:

    1) The name of the folder where the skin is must match exactly the name of the driver in the rcd file.
    2) Make sure the skin is named properly in the rcd file (whether it's a mas or dds file).
    3) Make sure the *.veh is named properly in the rcd file. Whether it is by creating a new ride or copying it from another working rcd.
    4) I haven't made such mistake but probably you'll also want to avoid having exact car descriptions. (Duplicate team names or car #'s are not an issue).

    If you're sure the first 4 steps are correct and your car isn't showing, the problem is with the driver name. If a mod is already using that name, your virtual ride won't show up. In the case of GT3's, having the Simtek mod installed will likely create conflicts as I believe they were using real names in their mod, so just pick a different name (making sure to changing it in the folder and the rcd file).
    As a tip, whenever I create a virtual ride, I always choose first some silly driver name just to make sure it isn't used anywhere and my ride will show up in game. Once I know it worked, I change the name to a realistic one, if it suddenly disappears, I know I can't use that driver name.

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