Very easy way to host and join your own race

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    Would bee realy nice.
    I have spend a lot of time years ago with modding tracks to RF1, and now modding for RF2, but it seems very strange that a racing game with exelent multiplayer performance can get most of us to our knees when trying to host a race an afterwards join the race.
    It was possible with Rfactor1 but looks a bit tricky with Rfactor2.
    I have read a lot of posts about it, and all sound like building your own way through it.
    Lots of old post, but not much up to date to find.
    There is many updates to Rfactor2, small delicate graphic improvements etc. but I think it is killing the public gameplay when it is so complicated to join a few friends for a quick race.
    Hope to see an updated build whith an easy way to do this :)
    best regards
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