V8 supercars and the GTR physics *idea

Discussion in 'Wish Lists' started by Nico Barclay, Nov 24, 2015.

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    I was lapping around with the Nissan GTR the other day, how twitchy and input sensitive the car is, tyre eater, also has that spice of "wobblyness" that i can see from a V8 supercar, i was wondering... since ISI is palĀ“s with Nissan..
    would it be to hard to make a series like the nascar one based on the v8 supercar one? ... i think the physics are closer than one might think comparing the 2 cars, but ingame is close to one would expect...
    how cool would be to have a liscensed Nissan v8... maybe the other ones are "edgars" :p

    just an idea


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