Using AI to help tune/develop my car

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BoothJoe, Jun 7, 2016.

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    Before I waste valuable learning/track time on this myself, I thought it might pay to ask. Start with the default car and let the AI run a couple of laps. Record the time. Make an adjustment to, say, rear flap. Let the AI drive a couple of laps and record the time. Make more changes, letting the AI drive laps and continue recording the times. Theoretically because you're not dealing with human faults, you could arrive at a "best build." Since the AI would (I believe) attempt to drive the same line no matter what the setup, the lap-to-lap comparison would be valid. Once you arrive at a "best" build, fire the AI and take over the car yourself. Where's the ignorant fallacy in this? I expect the most common response would be that every car has to be tuned not only to the track but the driver's skill. Maybe it would work as a training tool...if the AI can drive this setup at this time, I should be able to do so, too. It eliminates any question that the car is the problem and puts the onus on the driver.

    This then leads to a second question. Could you run an offline series where you were the pit manager? You build the car, choose the tires, etc., and let an AI driver race it against the AI competition. I'm not sure that would hold interest for very long, but I just wonder whether it would work at all.
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    At least 4 fallacies:
    1) AI don't drive on the same tires that players use.
    2) AI don't drive the same way that people do. They alternate between full throttle and no throttle, alternate between full brakes and no brakes.
    3) AI use slower physics updates.
    4) AI are stupid when it comes to drafting techniques.

    You can use AI to verify wing and gearing settings for impacts on acceleration and top speed. You can follow AI to learn the line, provided the trackmaker made a good AIW. You can practice catching/passing AI to learn the points on a track where it's best to pass and where you shouldn't attempt passes. You can practice defensive lines against the AI. You can practice running side-by-side with AI.

    The AI provides an opponent whose skill can be adjusted to the level you need (provided both mod and track are built with AI in mind).

    I believe Hamiltonfan is doing a series like you describe.

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