Updating old tyres to new models possible?

Discussion in 'Car Modding' started by Goncalo Costa, Jan 4, 2021.

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    Is it possible to take some old tyres and update them to the newest tyre model or do I have to redo them from scratch?
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    I don't think it is possible.

    The easier way without going full engineer mode using ttool and spending all that time on tests, you can look up for similar available tgm tires. Then you can reshape them with help of redapg online tools: http://meetme.bplaced.net/rF2_onlineTools/rF2GGeninfo/tireresizement_main.php

    Keep in mind that changing tires significantly might turn real time parameters out of whack, so they might have to be readjusted for tire to work nicely.

    Also even greater tire shape altering migh require (I suppose) wheel inertias readjusted in chassis.ini, something what I am yet to try. I used to have inertia errors with greatly reshaped tires, and haven't tried this fix yet. The issues I had might also have been related to SpinInertia values in hdv, which I am not sure if they are even needed at all, most mods seems not to use that at all.
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