Unstable latency only with rF2 dedicated

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    I'm trying for several weeks to solve a problem when start RF2 dedi servers. When rF2 starts on the server, latency drops (ping) starts. These lags cause lags in the race in rFactor. However, these latency drops can not be observed in the rF2 itself, because there are always low ping for all drivers. I have discovered that these latency latencies will appear on the server only after running the rF2 dedi server. This is documented by a measurement image.

    At first I thought that this could cause the CPU, but the CPU runs all the time at 30-40% without significant fluctuations. Now I think this causes "something" networking.
    I have already gone through a lot of threads on the forum, but nothing has helped so far = one-process single-spindle, starting with hiprio, fullproc, changes in multiplayer.ini etc.

    Do you have any experience with this please?

    Server HW:
    Win server 2008 R2
    Xeon E5420 (2.5 GHz)
    8gb RAM

    Download on server machine: 14 Mb/s
    Upload on server machine: 37 Mb/s
    Ping on server machine: 20 ms

    Settings of my Multiplayer.ini
    "Downstream Rated KBPS":4100
    "Upstream Rated KBPS":15360
    "Max Data Per Client":512

    PS: sorry for my english...
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