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    Due to lack of Pedal HUD support/plugin (the only one I know that works is simhub), I decide to make a new one using AutoHotkey script. Here is some features about this HUD script.



    > Reads input directly from device/controller, there is no lag displaying. Totally independent to any game. Thus can be used on any game that supports Windowed or Borderless mode.
    > Very lightweight, only requires AutoHotkey installed. One click and it's running!
    > Totally free ^^

    > Need some basic text editing skill (just use notepad to open the script and change setting according to instruction in comment section)
    > AutoHotkey can only read up to 6 axis for a single device (extra axis from the same device will be ignored).
    > Can not display filtered input effects from game, such as TC/ABS.

    How to use:
    There are two version of the script. One with 4 pedal axis HUD (Throttle, Brake, Clutch, Handbrake); Another one with extra Steering bar support (something like live for speed). All with detailed comments.

    1. Download and install Autohotkey from official website: https://www.autohotkey.com/download/

    2. Download the script below, choose a version ("pedal only" or "with steering"), and open it with Notepad (you can try run the script now, but it might not display correctly without proper setting). Note: you can also use this official AHK script to check device number and axis/button.

    3. Read instruction inside script carefully. Change device number (this may take a few try), Assign Axis (Whether to reverse Axis display, and maybe change size position later).

    4. Save the script, and double click the script to run and check if everything is work. If not, go back try another device number or Axis letter.

    5. You can reload script any time simply by running it again, or use hotkey "Win+Ctrl+Alt+R". To quick exit/close script, use hotkey "Win+Ctrl+Alt+X" or by right clicking green H icon on system tray.


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    Well done.
    Is it possible to run the game fullscreen and have the pedal overlay on a second monitor that's connected to the same computer?
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