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    // DefaultLivery="PREFIX" // PREFIX is the base texture map name, assumed to be BMP unless specified
    // PitCrewLivery="PREFIX" // This is only needed if it differs from the default livery PREFIX
    // TrackLivery="TRACK, PREFIX" // TRACK is the track name as defined in the event GDB
    // TrackLivery="TRACK, PREFIX" // For example, "2001_Monza"
    // TrackLivery="TRACK, PREFIX" // You can have an infinite # of these lines

    Sorry guys but this option is still valid.
    Until recently everything worked fine after the last update no longer goes.
    I've done a lot of work to have the right liveries for every GP and now they don't work anymore.
    Maybe wrong path but I do not understand why if up until now it was now instead not.

    Mysteries of RFACTOR ....

    If anyone can help me.

    Thank you

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    I tried as well and I couldn't get it to work either, but I've never done it before so I could be doing it wrong.

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