Track Pack (Nordschleif, Le Mans, Sebring) not working + 64bits version not loading

Discussion in 'Technical & Support' started by TheBlackPath, Aug 8, 2020.

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    Guys! SOLVED!!!

    reading a post sent by Lazza there was a suggestion to update RIVA tuner. Update done and 64 bits loaded!!!!

    So.. there was no relation between the GPU and the 64 bits not loading.

    After that, I tried to load Nurburgring and as before.. it crashed. With the difference that before the error message said that the memory was crashing around 3Gb and now at 6Gb.
    I could load the sprint version of the track.. but it is "unplayable".. very slow and lagging.

    So.. time to buy a new GPU!

    One last question.. possibly dumb question. Isn't it possible to use/share some RAM from Windows? I mean.. use the 2Gb from the GPU and somehow get the missing Gb from RAM managed by windows? (I have 16Gb) Thx
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    I'm not sure on the technicalities of using ram to supplement video ram, but in the same way that you can use disk space to supplement ram the issue becomes performance. Your video card has very fast access to what's in its memory; moving some of that out to ram, bringing in the required textures from ram, and then using them - and probably needing to do that constantly, or several times a lap at best - will lead to an unplayable slideshow.

    Even if you were able to make the GPU address textures in RAM directly, performance would suffer massively.

    At least you know for sure now your system isn't allergic to 64 bit, take your time to decide on a good GPU upgrade and be prepared to fall in love with rF2 all over again :cool:
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    laptop use such a system to augment the usually small vram. But we've seen many laptop users have problems getting rF2 to recognize the system ram. Just another headache.

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