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    I have been collecting resources / tutorials and things while I keep learning modding techniques. I thought I would share them with you all. If anyone has spotted tutorials that they have found useful, post em up!

    Conforming a road onto an arbitrary surface (3dsmax)
    Making roads (3dsmax)
    Road modelling (3dsmax)
    Track Mesh from splines (3dsmax)
    Building complex road and terrain (3dsmax)
    Road modelling (3dsmax)
    smoothing track mesh (3dsmax)

    Creating highly detailed 3D terrain with Google Earth (3dsmax)
    Topography from Google Earth (3dsmax)
    Scan and import a terrain from Google Earth (3dsmax)
    Create Realistic Terrain from Autocad to 3dsmax
    Google Earth Capture - Site With Textures - Fast Context Model Generation (3dsmax)
    Realistic Terrain (3dsmax)
    Generate terrain (3dsmax)
    Terrain (3dsmax)
    Generating Terrain (3dsmax)

    Normal Mapping (with Xnormal)
    Spline Mapping
    Make a Quixel Colors Button - Quick and Simple (
    PBR Texturing in Quixel Suite 2 for ArmA 3 Building

    Spline Modelling - Using Loft (3dsmax)
    Stone Placement Tools
    Rock Generator
    Modeling tires and baking normal map for low-poly version (3dsmax)
    Road and terrain
    Creating City Blocks - Part 1 - Introduction

    Character Animation Toolkit CAT (3dsmax)
    Rigging a Character 3D Model - Setup of the Cat Rig & Skinning (3dsmax)
    Importing motion capture

    Night lighting

    Track Dev Tutorials (by Jka)
    Track Dev Tutorial: 01 File and folder structure
    Track Dev Tutorial: 02 Setting up 3ds max exporter
    Track Dev Tutorial: 03 Best practices when working track projects in 3ds max
    Track Dev Tutorial: 04 Basic road modelling, material settings, mapping, exporting...
    Track Dev Tutorial: 05 Basic terrain modelling, material settings, mapping, exporting...
    Track Dev Tutorial: 06 Introducing The Test Track, exploring how its done...
    Track Dev Tutorial: 07 gJED workflow from 3dsmax to the rF2

    Maya and gJED
    gJED Tutorial 1 - Setup gJED
    gJED Tutorial 2 - Open Existing Track
    gJED Tutorial 3 - Mip Map bias - Transparency or Alpha Key
    Maya to gJED: 1 - Setup settings
    Maya to gJED: 2 - FBX export
    Maya to gJED: 3 - Reference plane
    Maya to gJED: 4 - Speed modding
    Maya to gJED: 5 - Soft and hard edges
    Maya to gJED: 6 - Materials
    Maya to gJED: 7 - Real Road
    Maya to gJED: 8 - Export to gJED Material and object settings
    Maya to gJED: 9 - avoid a gJED crash and reset cache
    Maya to gJED: 10 - Multi Grass Dirt Shader
    Maya to gJED: 11 - Multi Grass Dirt Shader Again
    Maya to gJED: 12 - Real Road Shader on Curbs
    Maya to gJED: 13 - 3D Reference planes from Geotiffs
    Maya to gJED: 14 - Track edges
    Maya to gJED: 15 - Multi Grass dirt shader Alpha shading
    Maya to gJED: 16 - Randomize objects
    Maya to gJED: 17 - Fence shadows
    Maya to gJED: 18 - Timing lines and Export to Dev Mode
    Maya to gJED: 19 - Track side object High to Low poly
    Maya to gJED: 20 - A Little House
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    Great research Woodee :). Thank you
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