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    Having a few tracks in rF2 that your "average Joe" (amateur racer) can drive on would be a real bonus, content-wise. Lime Rock Park is one such track, but one of my favorite rF2 3rd party tracks to this day is Texas World Speedway, in part because in recent years it's primarily been an SCCA and track-day circuit and has a great feel to it - along with several layout options to keep things interesting. Recently, the 3PA version of Apple Valley (strikingly similar to Auto Club Speedway in Fontana) offers a chance to drive an infield road course that's in use year-round by amateur racers and track-rats. That got me thinking about a couple of highly enjoyable circuits in the same region as Apple Valley, that might offer even greater levels of sim racing enjoyment:

    Buttonwillow Raceway Park would be a great addition to rF2, in the same manner as TWS. Buttonwillow has many layouts, giving it a lot of replay-ability [BRP Track Layouts] and has a kart track as well. It's also in use year-round by various amateur and vintage racing organizations.

    The same goes for Willow Springs International Raceway. Four viable circuits (Big Willow, Streets of Willow, Horse Thief Mile and a kart track) [WSIR Track Layouts] with some layout options (for Streets) give lots of gameplay options and replay-ability. Also, in a way similar to the Tigermoth Aerodrome test track, many will relate to places like Big Willow or Streets of Willow simply due to their YouTube exposure.

    There are several amateur tracks in the southwest, but these two, with their multiple layouts that are all fun and challenging in their own way seem to be the best options. Hopefully someone with the necessary track-building talent will take one (or both) of these tracks on as a project. Their accessibility to the masses is a selling point for their creation, IMO. What's more, the lack of track-side vegetation and structures might even make them more FPS-friendly to a wide range of PC performance levels... :)
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    you know what I heard someone say out loud the other day.
    Willow Springs International Raceway
    yep they sure did
    & it was even in reference to rFactor
    so I checked & sure enough
    there is a Willow Springs & a Horse Thief Mile
    for rFactor1
    but . . . NOT

    The main track is a challenging 2.5-mile (4.0 km) long road course that is unchanged from its original 1953 configuration.
    The Park also features other racing facilities such as:
    The Streets of Willow (1.8 mile road course),
    The Horsethief Mile (road course),
    The Speedway at Willow Springs (1/4 mile paved oval),
    Willow Springs Kart Track (a .625-mile, 9-turn paved sprint track),
    The Playpen (a 1/4-mile paved training track),
    and the Walt James Stadium (Clay Oval and Paved Oval).

    racing events still happening
    then . . . I wish upon a star
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    I'd love to see Willow Springs
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