Toyota Corolla Sprinter Trueno AE86

Discussion in 'Car Modding' started by memoNo1, Oct 27, 2019.

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    Good evening everyone.
    I found this great mod in www.
    Unfortunately there are some problems with that.
    The tachometer in the cockpit does not work. And the rear lights of the vehicles radiate very strong. You only see big balls of light in front of you. Unfortunately, I do not reach the creator of the mod.
    It is also not clear who the main responsible person is. Does anyone know him? There's a lot of potential in this mod. It would be a pity if she did not finish. Does somebody has any idea?

    Here are the links for the mod.
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    One of the people, that are listed in the mods credits, is dylbie, maybe it is this one: @dylbie
    If yes, he maybe can give you some more informations. ;)
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