To display my personalized car in Select Car screen

Discussion in 'Car Modding' started by DanMicke, Sep 16, 2020.

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    I'm new with both rFactor 2 and how files of edited skins are integrated to work in races, but I managed by tutorials get a version of my IRL Mazda MX5 in the game. All is just fine and I did the dds-files and compiled them to a .mas and all that.

    Just a small detail (that don't matter that much but irritating not to get it right) is that I, when I select the car to race, don't get a visualisation of my car in the select screen. Just an empty square.

    I found the thread that touched this subject, and I tried to put my question there. But it is an old thread and perhaps not in focus. Anyway I didn't get any answers there. So I try to put a straight forward question here, related to my exact circumastances. It has to be a quite easy one I guess. Can someone please tell me how to get it in place?

    I know that an image named 'icon' is the source too display. But (as you can see in my quest in the other thread) I really tried to implement it in a number of ways. Still the empty square. Even if this isn't cruzial in any way I just want to know how to do it?

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