Tip: Don't use a Wireless Xbox Controller alongside Wheel/Pedals

Discussion in 'Technical & Support' started by MarcG, May 25, 2017.

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    I've been using my Wireless Xbox Controller as a handy alternative to the Keyboard, using VR it's easier to feel the buttons so I Binded things like 'Time Acceleration' & 'Seat Movement', you know all the non-important stuff that you don't need during a race.

    Then I started noticing weird RF2 behaviour, suddenly yesterday the Seat Adjustments reset mid race (that was fun!) then today RF2 completely hung twice. All times it happened I was 15minutes (roughly) into a 20minute race, scratching my head I noticed my Xbox controller had turned itself off and a bit of Googling shows that it happens after 15minutes!
    There doesn't appear to be a way of keeping it "On" (even tried USB cable connection but it still turns itself off) so what I thought was a nice little idea is now rubbish and I need a Button Box :p

    Just did a race without starting the controller and no crashes or seat resets.

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