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    rF2 really is missing several features it quite frankly SHOULD have, especially considering the goals. Many of these are things that weren't in rF1 and I'm guessing won't be here either.

    1. In car setup changes. This is quite frankly, terrible as it is now. We really should have the ability to make every last setting configurable in car if it is defined as available in car, per the real car. Why cant we play with the Marussia's diff outside the garage - something F1 drivers are constantly toying with? What about throttle maps? Rev limits? Boost is sorta there. What about for example road cars that have several suspension options. There is plenty of use for this. ARBs aren't even half of it.

    This should be all in one scrollable menu on the LCD, this prevents us from having to use our entire wheel for settings as well. Per car functionality is already implemented and possible given you can have specific types of gearboxes, so per car setup options should be possible. Working the tools the car gives you is important, currently you have approximately zero.

    2. Assists / Aids. For one, they should be set per car, and again, set through in car menus when available or garage when the real car doesn't offer that functionality. Here is the more difficult part though - they need rethought IMHO. They keep you on the track nicely, for sure. But they aren't using TC on the real cars to just keep them on the track - they are there to go FASTER. Right now, it's a boat anchor. Also, more options than 0-3. Maybe separate the current style of keep a noob on the track from the "go faster" bits.

    3. Loads more needed ingame. These may seem "small", but are quite major.
    -FoV calculator should be built in and prominently displayed. FoV is CRUCIAL to a good experience, and many players seem oblivious to that. As we all should know, there is only one correct FoV.
    -Said calculator should work for both single and triple screens.
    -Ingame FFB clipping monitor. Another thing that should be absolutely bog standard. People dont seem to realize what cranking the FFB to 9000 really does.
    -Setup menu explanations / tool tips. What is "Brake map xx"? What does that ACTUALLY mean? What effects will my rear third spring have on cornering? Makes it easier for people to learn how to set a car up and in return, makes it easier for them to drive and enjoy.
    -Better setup menu, this one is, was and has been a mess since the F1 games.
    -Toggle between metric / imperial units in the garage pages. Some work in metric, some imperial - when I talk to a guy from the other side of the pond, I want to know specifically what he's talking about in an instant, rather than going into a separate menu, switching, making changes, switching back to units I prefer.
    -UI size + text size changable in game, for example in one of the graphics pages. The text is super huge for me, the LCD takes up way too much space by default for my tastes. Small / Medium / Large would even do.
    -Would be really cool - and handy - to have more detailed car displays. For example on the Marussia, I should be able to toggle the wheel's display (when it works, that is) through various informations, such as temps, splits, lap times, speeds, lap time delta.

    4. Track "greenness" rating. Again, make it easier to talk setups and lap speeds. Even a general value will do. Ballpark it. Something. Also, the ability to select a greenness directly before starting a race / weekend (where you can select now) would be great.

    5. This isn't huge, but I'd like the ability to weight MY line offline more towards the rubbered in line. (as in where I drive should equal 4 or so AI cars in terms of rubbering in that line for example) I've seen several tracks already where the AI just takes wrong lines - yet because of their terrible driving, I am forced into what is really a bad, incorrect and slow line or to basically drive on ice. Because the AI is stupid and can't figure it out. DOH!

    This isn't much of an issue "now", but as we see more and more tracks being added 3rd party, it will be an issue. Also, not an issue online obviously.

    I think that is about it, for now at least. I'd be really disappointed if these weren't added before rF2 is "gold".
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    I love the way u think, true simulation, rather than just "good enough physics, great graphics can take care of the rest" like a lot of people do.

    Another thing they need to do is in the options menu, you have different shift mappings like:

    Sequential stick up
    Sequential stick down
    Paddle shift up
    Paddle shift down
    H-gate 1st gear
    H-gate 2nd gear


    Of course there would be options to adjust this depending on your hardware, your preferences, etc.

    This way every car will have the shifting style properly modeled. From then on if you don't like it you can change it if you want, but most people have paddles and either a h-gate or stick (or both).

    Yes, aids need to be much more complex, so that they are a complex, highly configurable, potential performance improving device (think of the crazy electronics wars in F1, and currently in Moto GP), rather than the road car bland "safety" sort of driving aids we have now.

    We also need a slider for FFB, one side of the slider is RFactor 2 style, which is less "weighty" feeling, and for me allows me to feel more of the important tiny little feelings that are constantly being felt around you in real life, and the other side of the slider would be a more "weighty" "turning force gets harder the more you turn, really feel the rotation of the car through FFB, but possibly makes all the tiny little feelings happening tons of times per second more vague/less clear and detailed feeling", which is more of a Netkar Pro style (and probably AC) FFB (in my opinion), which I personally don't prefer, but MANY people do. It's a more natural and relatable to the real world steering feel type of FFB, rather than the less realistic feeling (in terms of pure steering feel) but more detailed FFB that RFactor 2 uses.

    I much prefer the RFactor 2 style, as it seems to help make up for all the crucially important things we feel in real life that aren't actually felt through the wheel itself, but rather through the seat of your pants, the cockpit vibrations, pedal vibrations, etc. but at the cost of having the pure steering feel itself less true to real life feeling, while MANY other people prefer the more relatable and true to life steering feel.
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