There is still a hope for proper hypercar racing series

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mantasisg, Mar 7, 2021.

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    Do you think motorsport world would benefit from racing series like that ? Racing cars such as Mclaren Senna GTR which was released in rF2 back when LeMans Hypercar class seemed to go that way, which it eventually didn't. Now there is a hope that this void of racecars could get possibly closed up, if Gordon Murrays project could inspire it.

    It would be exciting to have all these epic supercars, turned into race spec and racing. I think it would be much better spectacle, also even though all these cars are still very unreal to almost every mortal human being, they are still a ton more relatable as they resemble actual cars so much more.

    As mentioned in this video from 7:28
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    In my view its pretty un-relateable for the average fan.
    GT3 and GTE classes already push the costs of running production cars to silly heights.
    LMP1 was eye wateringly expensive but could at least be shown as a development excercise in technology.
    The rules that pushed development in the end just made it too expensive.
    I have seen a McLaren Senna go around Donnington and it was stunningly quick.
    But to run a class of them all in my view is just overkill.
    We are currently in an ironic scenario where the only "prototype" class (LMP2) runs a spec car.
    However the LMP2 cars are quick, they have been restricted on pace and fuel range to create a gap to the LMP1 class.
    I'd like to see the LMP3 back in so teams that aren't running get a €10m budget can play.
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    Production based cars are on their last legs with engines as electric motors are storming the manufacturers.
    GT classes will have fewer cars to select from in 5 years time, and far fewer factory dollars to offer. Cost of racing a season of any typical GT car with a competitive package is on par/slightly higher than an LMP2. With LMP3 making a comeback prototype racing becomes more affordable than GT3. GT classes are big in simracing in a large part because they're easy to drive with minimal setup knowledge needed.

    The S397 GTR car is a blast to drive, but maybe too much for most GT car fans. The Hypercar class has its strong and weak points. Strong being the potential factory support, weak being the budget they will take to campaign. Ferrari announced they're joining the Hypercar series and that could be a pivotal point for the success of the series. Beside McLaren and Aston Martin there hasn't really been much budgeted interest from OEM's, and frankly both are strapped for cash. Gordon's new car will be a potent contender, but like the other two British factories the cash on hand for racing support will probably fit in a small briefcase, in a sport that needs Santa's sack filled with cash.

    The new LMPH class will cost less to operate but on paper won't be as fast as the Hypercars, especially at LeMans.

    Hard to say how it all shakes out as the orgs sometimes seem to be their own worst enemy. The Group C era was ushered in by the FIA and eventually grew until the FIA killed it with the F1 based engine rules. Sports Car racing has never really recovered it glory days although recent trends have seen some remarkable growth in America through IMSA.

    In light of all that, I'm pretty optimistic with the LMPH class. I think that class will eventually survive the clash of Hypercars and has the opportunity to be the next Group C. We'll see.
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