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    So i moved house back in October and had my sim gear packed up for a few months.

    I fired up Nordschleife last night and got some horrible FPS issues. I decided do a full re-install and boy what a difference!

    Car interiors look really good now, I assume this is the PBR shaders that had been mentioned?

    Anyway, i am getting some solid FPS on higher settings than i could normally run. The sim looks and feels pretty fantastic now. Obviously there is still lots of work to be done in other areas, but i was delighted to see some solid improvements while I was away. The new UI is growing on me too (although still lots of work needed)

    I was so impressed I bought Cote D'Azur, BMW C2 and even Kartsim!

    Prior to the house move, I had become a bit disillusioned with rF2 and its progress, but after last nights session I am confidently back on the bandwagon!

    Keep up the good work S397 on improving the base game and I'll continue to buy content!
    Best regards,

    PS: It would seem Cote D'Azur could do with some optimisation maybe? Only track I have to lower settings on now...
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