Tatuus FT-50 and MSV F3016 Ibarra problem

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    Tatuus FT-50 and Tatuus MSV F3016 at Ibarra circuit (Reiza Pack), result unplayable due to a very high CPU occupation (purple bar is always full). Same cars tested at Sebring 24H (official content S397) and at Cadwell Park (3rd part content) are perfectly playable.
    No problems with other Tatuus at Ibarra circuit.
    All test make in same conditions (same day, same plugins, same config, just choose car and track and go on)
    Tests repeated several times after restarting the PC
    Cbash and Shaders folder cleaned every time
    Build 1112

    i5 4690K@4,2Ghz
    RX580 4GB @ 2560*1080 (drivers 19.5.2)

    Let me know if you need other informations
    Thank you
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