Targa Florio Walls Flicker

Discussion in 'Track Modding' started by Michaelc, Jul 25, 2018.

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    I enjoy driving Targa Florio 0.13 during 5:30 am headlights on, but there is Two problems. 1. I am not a track modeler and the other is I would like to know how to fix this problem of the Stone walls and curbs flickering. If it is too demanding that is okay...I can live out out the fix. Thanks for your help..!
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    The version number is very low, so that would indicate that version of the track is very early in the development process. Note however, he has shown screenshots in another thread displaying a higher version number. Probably in the 0.50% range. He has also run into some peroformance roadblocks and may not continue with the project. In other words, we'll probably have to accept this very early WIP, with all it's warts until such time the track modder can or will continue his project.
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    This track is fantastic.

    But really unfinished, which explains the many small problems and the realroad is not implemented.

    What a pity !
    Too bad because this track is unique and ultra original. 72 km, thousands of turns, unique place, graphics very nice despite where the track comes from, relative elevation etc.

    I cross my fingers so that a modder is interested.
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    I love this circuit :)

    In this version they have improved a lot compared to what was before, but surely it could be improved ;)

    This circuit together with Guia circuit-macau can not be like this without updating so long :(
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