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    Talladega Superspeedway

    I worked well on this last update for this Talladega, I think it's the last, good fun!

    Talladega Superspeedway is an automobile complex located in Talladega, Alabama, United States. It was built in 1969 on the site of the former Anniston Air Force Base by the International Speedway Corporation, controlled by Bill France who is the founder of NASCAR.
    The complex includes the world's fastest oval circuit, in the tri-oval (three-cornered) format with 4,280 meters (2.66 miles). The slope in its curves is 33° on one and two while on the three it has 18°. The lines have 3° inclination.
    Currently talladega Superspeedway receives events of the Cup Series, Xfinity Series, Truck Series and ARCA Series.


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