Swedish BTCC-league - on a slightly more official note.

Discussion in 'Online Racing Discussion' started by Axly, Jul 11, 2016.

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    Göteborg Internet Racing League has been run on rFactor 2 for 4 seasons now, and will continue using what we think is the best racing platform available. The next season, starting in October, will however be a little bit different since we will do this in association with http://vgp.se which is the virtual racing branch of the Swedish Car Racing Association (Svenska Bilsportförbundet http://sbf.se ).
    In essence, we are about as close to a national championship as we can get at the moment.

    http://www.vgp.se/girl-btcc-cup/ (only in Swedish since it's a strictly Swedish League)

    Swedish drivers, please join us! Last season, we were 22 drivers and had some fantastic, hard and very fair racing.
    For all you non-Swedes, isn't this pretty cool? ;)

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    Very cool, makes me wish I was Swedish!

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