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    Make sure you also have the original tracks installed too. League Tracks is a collection of updates to the original tracks.

    The AI in the new Stockcars is hopeless. Has not been worked on yet. This project was to bring the feel of the Stockcar up to where it needed to be. Ever since the release of SC_2015, the Stockcar racing community has dreamed to have the tyres fixed RIGHT. They are absolutely amazing now. Next, AI.

    If you want to race AI, then Daytona and Talladega should be good. I race at 100%, and other settings at default. I keep AI to around 10, and turn off full course cautions as AI just ignore cautions.
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    [QUOTE = "machine, post: 1036711, member: 24453"] Asegúrate de tener también instaladas las pistas originales. League Tracks es una colección de actualizaciones de las pistas originales.[/ QUOTE]

    Thanks for your reply. I found the problem, it was my fault. I have solved it by unsubscribing and re-subscribing. Regards.
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    Really love the overall driving feel of this new stock car so I have been testing against AI on some of the road courses. They behave much better than on ovals. They tend to tiptoe around the circuit, but that's okay because I do the same. These cars are definitely a handful!
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