Stereo 2:1 sound system for cockpit

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    Having made the ultimate '60's accessory I want to fill it with sound.

    Presently I'm leaning towards Alpine car components for ease of use-

    2 x 13cm rear - mounted on MDF bulkhead behind the seat
    2 x 10cm front to each side of the wheel
    Driven by a single amp rated at 640 watt - 50w per corner

    Powered sub' mounted directly onto the fiberglass seat back
    Clark Synthesis Gold Tactile Transducer mounted to the seat base powered by separate amp

    MB is the Asus P8Z77-I Deluxe Intel Z77 (Socket 1155)

    Will this all work direct from the keyboard? Or will I require to run it all through a head-unit or pre-amp?

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