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    2012 WorldGTLeague for RFACTOR 2!!!

    The WorldGTLeague was developed in 2003 by sim racing enthusiasts to aid the need for professional rule-sets and racing etiquette required to enjoy online sim racing.

    So, here we are gearing up for round #3 of 2012 and another 6 weeks of great racing. We are going to use the *FIA Formula Two Williams JPH1B* mod. Are you ready for some quality racing? Are you ready to test your skill to be the next champion? Then this is the league for you... Spots are limited so sign up now.


    This is an North American League (GMT-5) << Note not Euro friendly unless you are a night-owl :)
    Races are Saturday nights
    First points paying race is this Saturday, October 20th
    Practice race Saturday, October 13th
    Custom skins are welcome

    Race Format:

    2-20 minute races
    reverse grid for race #2
    We will be using the FIA Formula Two Williams JPH1B

    9:00 EST: official practice starts. (server is up 24/7 during the week for practice)
    9:20 EST: official qualifying begins (10 Minutes, unlimited laps)
    9:30 EST: official warm-up (10 minutes)
    9:40 EST: race #1 begins


    1st...15 points
    2nd...12 points
    3rd...10 points
    4th...8 points
    5th...6 points
    6th...5 points
    7th...4 points
    8th...3 points
    9th...2 points
    All remaining positions receive 1 point.

  2. [NAR]Steve

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    A shame you race on the only night of the week I get out!! Haha, Sounds like a fun league, hope you all have some great races..
  3. Richard Chmielewski

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    Time for another awesome season with rFactor 2! The last one with the Clios was a blast, and now it is time for something a bit more crazy! These modern F2s are insanely agile and quick, and so responsive. What a world of difference compared to the FWD Clio!

    I would like to extend an invitation to all the ISI Forum members. This is our 3rd season with rFactor 2, and we are loving it, I hope you can join us for the fun and close racing.

    We have guys that stay up really late, or maybe it it get up really early? from Poland and Denmark, we've got Brasilians, and we've got folks that have raced together for what seems like an eternity now. I would call these guys my friends, and if we lived closer, I would buy them all a round of beer!

    So many great memories, and it is time to make some more!

    I hope to see you all on track soon!
  4. Ronnie

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    Jun 15, 2012
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    I could repeat all that Richie said but I won't. I will only say: MOVE YOUR LAZY BUTTS AND JOIN US! :D

    We are about fair racing and having fun from it. No matter if you are in front, midfield or backmaker. We hang out when we can. If you want us to persuade each one of you, you can meet us on our TS server. I'm there sometimes, Speedracer, Richard and others aswell. We make a funny, multinational family of weirdos that would love to see some more faces around. For each attended race you get a beer... eventually. :D

    It's my 3rd season with them and I've enjoyed it big time. We ran 370z, Clios and now modern F2s. It's gonna be tough but as always I'm gonna stay up late (races at 3 AM for me), it's just worth it.
  5. Fohat

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    I can only support what Richard and Ronnie said, it's a blast. I also get up at 2:30AM to race, simply because these guys are worth it. It's fast and intense, but still clean and fair racing. Some are really fast, others (like me) are not that fast but still good drivers.

    So come and join the fun, you won't regret it :).
  6. mavericckk

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    I'll be there

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