Sorting cars by Series (GT3)

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    I've brought this up before, and just want to re-enforce the idea. I don't know if this will be a UI concept or individual cars, but as we get more and more GT3 skins from Blancpain, Imsa, Adac, etc etc, will it be possible to copy Apex Modding's format and sort the cars by which series(or even also by the year?) they are racing in?
    One of the problems with GT3 are just the enormous number of Worldwide series that allow the GT3 platform to compete. So the Bathurst cars, can those be separated from World GT or Blancpain USA or VLN? We get skins and more skins but they are just a loose amalgamation of skins from all over.
    An advantage to series grouping would be to un-complicate the driver assignments. If driver A raced in multiple series for multiple teams in multiple brands, his name could pop up repeatedly and I'm pretty sure rF2 doesn't handle duplicates smoothly. So If I pick the 2016 ADAC cars, I can be assured Vern Verner Verhansenen isn't going to populate a bunch of different Audis or Mercs.
    How do we get there?

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