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    Previous to build 85 (+ updating to GForce 301.42), having shadows on would randomly cause a ~10 sec freeze and then game play resuming with randomised textures. I've now done a fair bit of driving with shadows on and almost full graphics settings with no sign of that problem.

    However, I then changed AA in the Display Res menu from level 3 to 4, and just moving off at Spa in the F3, got some kind of texture mess-up with lots of white everywhere . I set AA back to level 3, tried again, and all looked normal. Tried AA at level 5, and the physical mirrors had random textures. Previously the F3 mirrors were blank btw. Also, when I selected FXAA in Display Res menu, I got a black screen and just the headup display on track. Tried again and it was OK.

    So it's all still a bit flaky for me, but seems possible to drive with shadows on now. Still lots of flickering textures.
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