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    Im thinking of getting a Budget gaming PC, and wanted to know if it would be possible to run rFactor 2 (without lagging etc)

    The current specs would be -

    Dell E8500 3.16ghz
    8GB DD2 Ram
    Windows 7 64bits
    HD7770 GPU

    Would this be enough to run rFactor 2 in 720p (22" small tv) and it would cost £280 is that a good deal ?

    I understand the The PC is quite old, but i am on a very limited budget right now, or would a HP quad q6600 2.4ghz be better than the E8500 ?

    Just want to play mainly rFactor 2 and the older sinbin sims like GTR evolution etc.

    Any help Much appreciated

    Thank you.
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    The E8500 would be better than the Q6600 mainly due to the processor speed which most games rely on. Will it be able to run without having slowdowns and stutters? That might do it, but you might have to turn your resolution down below the 720p level in order to be able to get smooth frame rates.

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